Learn Resend in 2 hours — full course 4K 2023

2 min readDec 3, 2023
Learn Resend in 2 hours — full course 4K 2023 @codewithguillaume

Hello everyone,

I recently created a course about Resend, the new platform that allows you to send emails directly from your application. You can find the complete 2-hour course on my YouTube channel, and if you’d like to show your appreciation, I kindly ask you to subscribe.

Email sending is a complex topic. Many products have attempted to tackle this issue, but none have truly solved the complexity faced by users. It can be said that Resend, the newcomer in 2023, has made a significant impact by launching a simple, effective, and easy-to-understand product.

Resend’s competition has often focused on constantly adding numerous features. Sometimes, these platforms completely shift their original purpose — the sending of emails — to become all-in-one marketing Swiss Army knives — website creation, customized design templates for social media, and more. Resend refocuses on the core question: how to send emails efficiently?

The platform created by Zeno Rocha and his team aims to get to the essentials — no frills, no unnecessary multi-features, and a very low learning curve for users. This is the experience I’ve had over the past three months, and I’m delighted to share everything I’ve learned in this 2-hour course.

Guillaume Duhan