Create templates with Tally
2 min readJun 20, 2023

In today’s digital age, gathering information through forms and surveys has become an integral part of many activities, ranging from conducting market research to gathering customer feedback. However, creating these forms often requires coding skills or the use of complex software. That’s where Tally comes in — a user-friendly platform that empowers individuals and businesses to effortlessly create free forms and surveys in seconds, without any coding knowledge required. With Tally, the process of gathering valuable data becomes accessible to everyone.

Tally prides itself on its simplicity, offering a user-friendly interface that makes form creation a breeze. Without the need for coding, users can swiftly generate various types of forms to suit their specific needs. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to add, rearrange, and customize form elements with ease. Whether it’s multiple-choice questions, text fields, or checkboxes, Tally offers a comprehensive set of form components to cater to different data collection requirements.

One of Tally’s standout features is its extensive library of templates, which users can leverage to save time and effort. With a vast range of pre-designed templates available, users can choose from a variety of form types, including event registrations, feedback forms, customer surveys, and more. These templates serve as a starting point, providing users with a solid foundation that they can modify and adapt to meet their unique needs. Furthermore, Tally allows users to make their templates public, fostering a community-driven environment where users can share their creations with others, promoting collaboration and inspiration.

While Tally offers pre-designed templates, it also understands the importance of customization and branding. Users have the freedom to personalize their forms by choosing from a selection of color schemes, fonts, and layouts. This level of customization ensures that the forms align with the user’s brand identity or specific requirements. By maintaining a consistent visual aesthetic, users can enhance the overall user experience and strengthen their brand image.

Collecting responses is just the beginning; Tally provides efficient data management tools to help users make sense of the information they gather. Responses can be viewed in real-time, exported to popular formats, or integrated with other applications through APIs. Additionally, Tally offers analytics features that provide insights and visualizations, enabling users to uncover valuable patterns and trends within their data.

Tally has revolutionized the process of creating forms and surveys by offering a simple, code-free solution for individuals and businesses alike. With its intuitive interface, extensive template repository, and customization options, Tally empowers users to create professional-looking forms in a matter of seconds. The platform’s emphasis on user-friendliness and data management ensures that the entire process, from form creation to data analysis, is streamlined and accessible. Whether you’re a small business owner, a researcher, or an event organizer, Tally provides the tools you need to gather valuable insights effortlessly. Say goodbye to complex coding or expensive software — Tally makes form creation accessible to everyone, for free.

Guillaume Duhan